Keeping Vacation’s Work-Free


Doing some work while you’re on vacation defeats the purpose of taking some time away from your job. But with all the gadgets and Internet connections available in many places in the world, disconnecting from work may seem impossible. While there is nothing wrong about checking in once in a while if needed, work and vacations is not a great mix. The point is to take a break from office routines and enjoy your personal time to the hilt. Here are some ways to keep work at bay and enjoy your vacation time to the fullest.

1. Say it and mean it. Tell the key people you work with that you plan to go off the grid. Make sure that you have all the things you need to do well-covered before you leave. Talk to co-workers who may have to work on some of your responsibilities and anticipate their needs. Make it as easy as possible for them to deal with the tasks you normally do to eliminate unnecessary calls or messages.

2. Spend less time online. A great way to enjoy a relaxing vacation is to unplug. Avoid checking-in to get updates from your emails or social media accounts. Doing so can distract you from making the most of your downtime. Leave your laptop behind if you are going on a trip. Turn your smartphone off or put it in silent mode when you go sightseeing. Keep in mind that you do not get as many vacations as you would probably want to. Make sure that you take advantage of the ones you get to enjoy.

3. Focus on enjoying your vacation. Fill your time with activities that you rarely get to pursue because of your busy schedule. A vacation provides the perfect opportunity to travel, learn, and experience new things. Keeping yourself busy with fun, interesting, and meaningful activities will take your mind off work.

4. Schedule check-ins. You have to set realistic goals to avoid stress on your vacation. Go for the middle ground if you think that unplugging is not going to work for you. Mark the dates on your calendar when you have to check-in at your workplace. But you have to try to limit your check-in times so you can still focus on having a relaxing vacation.

5. Finding the balance that is right for you. Work-life balance may not be a one-size-fits-all concept. Some people may thrive on keeping work a part of their daily life while others live by separating personal and work life. Regardless of where you stand on both sides of the spectrum, taking a break is important to your wellbeing. Find out what works best for you and do it – without sacrificing your vacation time.